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in the October 2017 edition »

lindbergh90th anniversary of Lindbergh’s epic solo flight

AS YOU undo your seatbelt, peer out of your window, and glimpse a ship on the surface of the sea far below, it is difficult to remember that reliable inter-continental air travel is a surprisingly recent phenomenon. Almost within our lifetime, the idea of safely and regularly flying across oceans was a pipe dream. Pilots who proposed flying long.................

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in the October 2017 edition »

end of a era

in the September 2017 edition »

ads-bADS-B integration into RPAS Mark Mansfield reports

PARAMOUNT ADVANCED Technologies (ATE) recently hosted its quarterly UAV User Forum, with the emphasis on “Controlled Airspace: How We Can Co-Exist. In his address to the audience, Ralph Mills, CEO ATE, said that the rate of technological advancements in the RPAS industry was enabling................

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in the September 2017 edition »


    Dassault delivers 2 500th Falcon business jet

    DASSAULT AVIATION recently delivered its 2 500th business jet, marking yet another landmark event in the storied saga of the Falcon line.

    The aircraft, a Falcon 900LX, was handed over at the Little Rock Completion Centre to a long-time Falcon customer based in the United States. The delivery...............

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Recent Articles 2017

  • Airbus Refueling

    Airbus achieves automatic air-to-air refuelling contact - AIRBUS DEFENCE and Space has successfully demonstrated automatic air-toair refuelling (AAR) contacts with a fighter aircraft from a tanker’s refuelling boom – the first time in the world that this has been achieved.Airbus’ A310 MRTT company development aircraft performed............

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  • Piracy

    Piracy on the increase - PIRATES AND armed robbers attacked 43 ships and captured 58 seafarers in the first quarter of this year, slightly more than the same period last year, according to the latest ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) piracy report, while Yemen’s worsening conflict is contributing to a spike in regional piracy. The IMB global report.............

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  • Safety

    Flight Safety — “Confirmation biases”- Fearsome foe - IF PROPERLY trained and fully aware of surroundings and the overall situation, pilots are rarely caught out by minor deviations. They usually “expect the unexpected”. To understand the mind-set, consider what a former airline captain, Adriaan Fischer, used to say: “A crew should be so mentally..........

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