An aircraft par excellence….THE ALL-NEW GULFSTREAM G500

EVERY ASPECT of the all-new Gulfstream G500’s design and performance is dedicated to the fastest flight possible, while, in the cabin, every detail is devoted to providing a uniquely personalised and completely comfortable interior.Gulfstream earned the best reputation in business aviation by consistently creating aircraft that meet travellers’ evolving aspirations. With the G500, Gulfstream strikes an optimal balance of speed, manoeuvrability and comfort that helps passengers maximise every minute of their travel time.These are the opening paragraphs of Gulfstream’s website description of its new G500 which is capable of transporting up to 19 passengers, sleeps eight, has a range of 5 200 nautical miles; can cruise at 51 000- feet and has a maximum operating speed of a near “speed of sound”level of Mach 0,925.

Tipping the scales at a maximum takeoff weight of 79 600 pounds (36 106 kg), the G500 stretches the limit for a maximum range of 5 200 nautical miles and limits of high-speed travel over long distances. It is powered by Pratt Whitney Canada PW814GA engines each rated at 15 144 lbs thrust which give it a Mach 0,85 cruise speed or its Mach 0,925 maximum speed. Its non-stop range gives it connectivity between Cape Town or Los Angeles to London and between San Francisco and Tokyo.Gulfstream claims that the aircraft “out-distances all peers above Mach 0,85 and is the only jet in its class to combine ‘incredible speed’ and significant range – 4 400 nautical miles – when flying at Mach 0,90.” A fully-fuelled G500 covers 5 200 nautical miles at Mach 0,85 with eight passengers and luggage. Double the payload and the G500 still flies up to 4,950 nm non-stop. That equates to a nonstop flight from Los Angeles to London with reserves.