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in the June 2016 edition »

swartkop Shambles

RUDE AND uncalled for comments made by a senior South African Air Force (SAAF) officer on his personal Facebook page were obviously directed at visitors to the last month’s Swartkop Air Show who had complained about the very poor and illogical process of accrediting exhibitors, media, vendors and cleaning staff at the show...........

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in the May 2016 edition »


    Airlines: Today and Tomorrow By A.R. Prince

    THERE IS a feeling in aviation that a change is needed. The established way of configuring commercial aircraft – indeed, really the only way known to do so – with a tubular fuselage, swept wings and tail, and under-wing engines (previously also tail-mounted ones) has been delivering essentially just incremental performance improvements, and seems likely to continue doing so.............

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in the April 2016 edition »


EMBRAER, THE world’s leading manufacturer of commercial jets up to 130 seats, recently took a step in the consolidation of its leadership by presenting the E190-E2, the first E2 jet – Embraer’s second generation of the E-Jets family of commercial aircraft.

The aircraft’s maiden flight is scheduled for the second half of 2016, with entry into service in 2018. The ceremony was held at the company´s plant in São José dos Campos...........

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in the April 2016 edition »

latest generation

    Latest generation helicopter makes African debut

    DESCRIBED AS providing capability in all conditions, an example of Italian manufacturer AugustaWestland’s brand new 8,6-tonne AW189 helicopter, designed to answer the growing market demand for a versatile, affordable, multiplatform for search and rescue, MEDEVAC and humanitarian operations, arrived in Durban recently on board a ship from Europe. After being offloaded, clearing formalities and having its rotor blades refitted, the helicopter flew to Gauteng after which it............

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