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in the August 2016 edition »

St Helena £295-m Airport Fiasco rocks St Helena

SAINT HELENA’S new airport which was completed this year at a cost estimated at £295-million sterling – £45- million more than the original budget and all paid for by the British taxpayer – has been closed indefinitely for safety concerns after only one British Airways Boeing 737-800 operated by Johannesburgbased Comair, had made an airline inaugural landing there recently............

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in the August 2016 edition »

Diamond Lil

    Diamond Lil kicks-off CAF Airpower Hour

    SEVENTY-FIVE years after making her first flight, the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) B-24 Liberator “Diamond Lil” will lead the CAF AirPower History Tour and a squadron of historic aircraft to a landing at a patriotic celebration and veterans’ fundraiser at Branson Airport, Missouri, September 2 to 4. The CAF AirPower History Tour is a flying tribute to “The Greatest Generation”, the men and women who served in uniform...........

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in the June 2016 edition »

Hercules Hercules gunship to get more eyes in the sky

WITH INCREASING uses for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), now better known as “drones”, being found almost daily, one of the latest to hit the headlines is that of drones to be used with Lockheed Martin AC- 130 gunships with the aim of providing the “mother ship” with greater low-level surveillance and attack capability while keeping the aircraft out of range of small arms fire and shoulder-launched anti-aircraft.............

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in the JUly 2016 edition »


    SAAB unveils the Gripen E

    SWEDISH DEFENCE and security company, Saab, recently unveiled its Gripen E, next generation fighter, which boasts a significantly improved avionics system when compared with previous versions of the fighter.

    The Danish Government is rumoured to be considering 27 Gripen Es for its air force which will put the new fighter in noseto- nose competition..........

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