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in the March 2017 edition »

CAEWFirst CAEW G550 for the Italian Air Force

ISRAEL AND Italy have marked another significant step in the realization of the agreement signed in 2012 with the delivery of the first of two CAEW aircraft to Italy. The ceremony was held at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), and was attended by the Italian ambassador, senior officials from the Ministry of Defence's Directorate of Defence Research.............

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in the March 2017 edition »


    Race develops for the first SBJ in service

    SPIKE AEROSPACE, a Boston-based aerospace company, is challenging the Aerion Corporation, also a US company, to be the first to build and put into service a supersonic business jet. This emerged recently when Spike Aerospace announced its S- 512, which, it claims, will be the first private supersonic business jet..............

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in the March 2017 edition »

Mental HealthWhy the aviation industry must work together to tackle mental health stigma

THE FINDINGS from a recent Harvard University survey that indicate over 12% of commercial pilots suffer from depression, and over 4% are suicidal, is further stark reminder – following the 2015 Germanwings Flight 9525 disaster – of the psychological pressures today’s pilots face. Although, for passengers, these statistics may serve as an eye-opener,...............

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in the February 2017 edition »


    Cirrus delivers first Vision Jet and unveils new facility

    CHRISTMAS CAME early for Joe Whisenhunt and his family less than a week before the holiday as they took delivery of a shiny new Cirrus Vision jet in a shiny new building in Duluth. “It’s a day we get to celebrate with Joe and his family,” said Cirrus Aircraft CEO, Dale Klapmeier. “Most of you have seen Joe...............

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Recent Articles 2016

  • Aviation Safety

    A decade of making aviation even safer - THE INTERNATIONAL Air Transport Association (IATA) is organising aviation safety experts to advance safety management by sharing knowledge accumulated over the decade since the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) safety management standards and recommended practices were introduced. While...........

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  • Dassult Falcon

    Dassault combines vision system certified on Falcon 2000S/LXS - DASSAULT AVIATION’S revolutionary Combined Vision System— dubbed FalconEye— has been certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency and the Federal Aviation Agency for use on the Falcon 2000S and LXS twinjet aircraft. FalconEye will also be certified soon on the new Falcon 8X ultra............

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  • F-35

    F-35 and Aegis Combat System in First Live Missile Test - TWO PRE-EMINENT weapon systems, the F-35 Lightning II and Aegis weapon system, worked together for the first time recently during a live fire exercise at the White Sands missile range in New Mexico, USA.

    The joint Lockheed Martin, US.Navy and US Marine Corps..........

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