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in the August 2015 edition »

gulfstream G500 s

Near record rush of orders at the Paris Air Show

DESPITE THERE being a large variety of civilian and military aircraft available for all to see in the air and on the ground during both the Trade and Public Days, visitors were left to their own devices to watch the aerial activity.

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in the August 2015 edition »


    Pluto’s chaotic moons revealed

    CHAOTIC RHYTHM for a cosmic dance – this is the new view gained of Pluto and its moons revealed by a comprehensive analysis of data from NASA’s Hubble Telescope which shows that two of Pluto’s five moons, Nix and Hydra, wobble unpredictably.

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Recent Articles 2015

  • SAA

    SAA wants to drive aviation growth in Africa SOUTH AFRICAN Airways (SAA) wants to focus on growing its African network and improving inter‐connectivity on the continent. With more than 80 years of operations and a leading position in Africa, South African Airways has a crucial role to play in driving aviation traffic growth and economic development.

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  • Solar Flight

    Cover Story: Record‐breaking solar flight to Hawaii AS THE sun rose over Hawaii at 05h55 on Friday, July 3, a very weary André Borschberg, landed the Solar Impulse 2 at Kalaeloa Airport after being airborne for five consecutive days and nights on what has become a world record‐breaking non‐stop fuel‐less flight from Nagoy, Japan.

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  • Zwartkop Airshow

    Zwartkops – A “cracker” of an air show THE 2015 Paramount Group South African Air Force Museum (SAAF) air show recently hosted at the iconic and historical Zwartkop Air Force base, Pretoria, will go down as one of the best air shows to date.

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