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in the June 2015 edition »

windhoek airshow

Windhoek gears up for spectacular air show

SEVENTY YEARS ago, in 1944, a Boeing B‐29 Superfortress, one of 1 644 manufactured in Wichita during World War II, rolled off the assembly line at the Boeing plant and was delivered to
the US Army Air Forces.

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in the June 2015 edition »

paris airshow 2015

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    Space “cowboys” go fishing for asteroids By Henry M. Holden Photos: Courtesy NASA. IN 2000, Hollywood produced a film called “Space Cowboys.” The plot involved four senior citizen former fighter pilots rocketing into space to capture and redirect a former Soviet Union communications satellite that was in a decaying orbit......

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  • dassult

    HAI Expo report: Heli industry yearns for rebound This year the Heli‐Expo hosted about 20 000 industry professionals, more than 700 competitive exhibitors, over 60 helicopters on display and more than 100 educational opportunities, including education courses, seminars, workshops and forums......

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    Have scientists discovered another earth?THE CENTURIES‐old quest for other worlds like our Earth has recently been energized by the excitement generated over the discovery of hundreds of planets orbiting other stars. One of those planets in particular has scientists’ keen attention.

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